Fashion League Career Summit Sun. 10/11/20

Get the deets on your dream job. Attend the Fashion League Career Summit to network with other fashion enthusiasts and hear fashion insiders discuss their careers, and discover opportunities in the industry. Just as on the Fashion League Podcast, get a concentrated dose of industry insights from fashion professionals. Founded in 2015, Mikahila Bloomfield created Fashion League as a resource for fashion enthusiasts to discover careers in fashion and uncover paths to their dream job. On the Fashion League Podcast, Mikahila shares her experience changing careers from finance to become a fashion editor as well as highlighting fashion professionals with interesting careers.The 'Faux or Fashion' segment of the Fashion League podcast is a fun and insightful rundown of fashion news and iconic throwback fashion moments. Guests (and listeners) are given three fashion news headlines and they get to guess whether its a fake story, 'Faux', or if its a real 'Fashion' story—join a 'Faux or Fashion' session during the Career Summit to test your fashion knowledge.