Job Interview Stats you should know....

😬 Some surprising job interview stats you should know:

  • It takes the average person 24 weeks to go through the hiring and interview process and find a job.
  • On average, a candidate will get one interview request for every six applications they complete.
  • On average, women are 30% less likely to be selected for a job interview than men with similar qualifications and professional backgrounds.
  • The average corporate job opening gets 250 resumes — of those, between four to six will be called for an interview.
  • The interview process takes an average of 23 days.
  • The average applicant applies to 27 companies before landing an interview.

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Interesting stats! Is this for tech company focused roles? Andwhat differences do you see between technical roles vs non technical? I feel like the latter is more competitive than the former, good technical talent is hard to find is my understanding. How did you run the studies/what metrics did you focus on?