📣 Job opening!! Senior UX Writer - Healthcare 📣Are you a #writer with a background in shaping digital experiences and/or UX?! Well, come on over to my team. 😊Perks of this role:✍️ You get to write super helpful, impactful web copy for a global healthcare company who just rebranded! Always a fun, creative challenge. They are some of my fav projects.🥇 You get to work for Ogilvy. Yes, THAT Ogilvy.🎧 I regularly send the team relevant, genre-bending playlists.Apply here and reach out with any questions or referrals.

YES I know the person for you @jikajika!
Well thank you Iynna!!!!(Fist to flat hand. And bow slowly...)This job description has raised an eyebrow for me Ashly...I'm a UX obsessive & a sucker for good sales copywriting. I'll look into this & perhaps we can have a conversation.😏Cheers!
Hello! Happy to connect. Send me a PM with any questions you have about the role and let me know if you end up applying. 😊
love to see it! if you do end up working together, we need the success story haha