Women candidates recently laid off.

Hi Network-

I am working with at least a dozen amazing women that have been laid off. If anyone has open roles please let me know. I am trying to get these women back to work.


Thanks for reaching out!- I picked a few women here at random but there's SO many more on Elpha so I hope they see this! @jenferguson @saraghattas @courtneybankhead @STyman @julielin @ashleyquinn @jessicawagner818 @laurenwoods @mollycathcart @chloegingrich @suchitakaundin @KayceEckel @nancyfrederickbell @alexandranita @katiekudrick- Regarding the second request: here are open roles from Elpha partner companies
You can add your name to this list too. I am hoping to curate talent in one spot to create a resource for hiring managers:
It says view only, just wanted to let you know!
Thank you! I thought I made it so anyone can edit. I’ll go in and fix!!
Thank you
The link has been updated so that people that have the link can edit. Sorry about that.
Thank you so much for doing this!