Starting a new job: how to build a positive relationship with a manager?

I have worked for 2 companies in multiple roles in the past in the corporate field. My penultimate boss was extremely toxic (think micro manager, unorganised, yelling due to anger issues with others and general bullying). Since then I have had a series of poor managers ranging from incompetent and disengaged to being untruthful and stealing work credit. I am glad to say I am starting a mid-senior role, working for someone who comes across as a good listener, polite and introverted - completely different to the alpha aggressive personalities in the past! How best do you build positive relationships in the first 3-6 months with a new manager? I'm particularly conscious about breaking the ice with an introvert, who always bring conversations back to work topics so far.

Hi @celine09, congrats on your new role! Sounds like it'll be a good spot and some room to grow. Glad to hear your manager sounds promising. As a manager and coach, I rely heavily on this resource from Lara Hogan, who is an engineering manager: I've used it with people on my team and it helps us learn about each other. Other things I'd recommend:* proactively sending a bulleted agenda (or requesting one from your manager)* having a shared doc to keep track of what y'all talk about and want to work on* be honest and upfront about your toxic bosses! it'll help your manager to know what hasn't worked in the past and explain things you may be sensitive aboutLet me know how it goes!Sarah
Thank you - this is great!
Glad it's helpful. I hope it kicks off a great working relationship between you and your boss!
I came to share that resource by Lara Hogan and love to see it here already!! 🥰