In remission from cancer. Looking to dive back into work!

Is anyone hiring? :)I took a break during the pandemic because I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and am finally ready to get back to work!I would love to find a role in Learning & Development in tech and have:💛  2+ years building community, managing teams, and facilitating learning in large, diverse education-oriented organizations💛 B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (go Trojans!)💛 Experience in operations, sales, strategy and training💛 Experience with grassroots organizations, including School on Wheels (mentoring K-12 students experiencing homelessness), Alpha Phi Omega (community service), QWAVE (AAPI/LGBTQ awareness and advocacy)💛 A strong desire to cultivate growth and engaging conversations within myself and othersAny leads, referrals, or advice from women in the L&D world would be appreciated! I honestly feel a bit behind in life now due to my life being derailed by cancer and having a huge gap in my resume, but hoping some folks in my community can help me get back into the game!

Hi Juliette! Fellow Trojan here✌️ First and foremost, I'm excited to hear it's the beginning a new chapter in your life!πŸ’› It sounds like you've done some amazing work in the past, and I'd be happy to see if I know anyone I can connect you with! What sorts of companies and industries are you interested in?
Just want to say congrats on the remission from stage IV, amazing! Good luck on your future endeavors!