Seeking opportunities in Human Centered Design

Hello Folks at Elpha!

I'm Aditi. After working for ten years as a Software Quality Engineer, I have made a career pivot into Human Centered Design. The reason for the switch is because Human Centered Design aligns better with my personality and life goals. As a designer, I bring with me the combination of a compassionate empathetic disposition, visual artist skills and a solid engineering background. I want to design to create a positive impact and reduce suffering.

In the last two years, I have been trying to get my foot through the door. I have done two internships / contract positions in this time. Presently, I'm trying to get back into the workforce. I have linked my design portfolio and resume to this message.

If you happen to know of open positions wherein I can get an opportunity, please do let me know! I'm also seeking mentorship and guidance so that I can start my career as a designer.

Thanks in advance!

Aditi | [email protected]

Hi Aditi!If you share your email I can invite you to a couple of slack groups where people post opportunities :)
would you be able to add me as well? i’ll DM you my email.
Same, could I grab an invite to them too? Also, wondering if they're the same/different groups I'm already in - is it against the rules of this forum to share them directly? I have a couple human-centered groups that seem to have active job boards that I'd be happy to share too.
Thank you Teresa! My email is [email protected]. I will update my original message too. I appreciate you taking time and giving me these pointers. Thank you :)
Done :)
Done :)
Hey @aditioza check out Sigma! We just raised our $300M Series C and are hiring in product design. For the past two years, we've been recognized locally and nationally as a best place to work. Below is our website. If you're interested in learning more, can you please email me your resume? [email protected]