Hiring experts in 5G/Telecom/OpenRAN for unique project

I am seeking experts and thought leaders in 5G/Telecom/OpenRAN. Any connections you could pass onto me would be greatly appreciated.

My team is hiring Federal Grant Merit Reviewers to support our Federal government client. This person wil be providing grant application reviews for a program that aims to foster competition and innovation across the global telecommunications ecosystem, lower costs for consumers and network operators, and strengthen the 5G supply chain.

Must possess strong technical background in this space.

Short term, full time, 3 to 4 months.

Please reach out to me for questions and introductions and share with your network.

Time Sensitive- quick turnaround.

Thank you!

-Casey Simmons (edited)

@MorganLucas - you might be interested?
Thank you Iynna! I can't say i've ever read a grant, but I like reviewing things!
For this opportunity, its the technical expertise that's most important. Please apply if you're inclined. Thanks!