What's the time when you call it quit

Hello,I wanted to contribute a post on the subject of "Leadership" at Elpha for the first time. We all know what leadership means: interesting persona, good judgment, identifiable characters that leads to success cohesively.There are so many articles published by business schools on the subject of leadership. Which websites do you read or magazines you subscribed to especially on this subject? Is it important to you when you choose a company to join? Or have you put up with anyone who you don't feel like associated with anymore but you still didn't call it bad leadership? I am asking these questions because I have experienced terrible emotions whenever I feel that the leadership is not helping me achieve great results. If people are not helping others to achieve their success by setting an example of being capable, I don't feel okay to work with them.Just have a lot on my mind recently especially I'm a woman of color, if there aren't already lots of discrimination on gender and race, maybe complaints are fewer but you can't hide things that you disagree with.
Firstly, I’m sorry you’ve experienced terrible emotions. If you ever need someone to talk with, please feel free to private message. Next, when it comes to picking jobs based on leaders, I’ve always found experience to be more helpful than resources. Especially earlier in my career, choosing a great leader was far more important to me than any other factor since I was there to learn. The most helpful thing I did then was make a prioritized list of qualities/skills I aspired to, and tried to find leaders who fit that bill; only interviewing with leaders who seemed to have at least 3 of those 5 qualities. Worth noting that this list of qualities also started off as assumptions that then became hypotheses — for example, I put “expert at scale/execution” above “cares about how I’m doing”; but that very quickly flipped. In short, the list of what makes a good leader for you is likely to keep changing and if you have the flexibility, it might be worth reflecting on who’s right specifically for you at this point in your career and then going out to find that person :)