Why therapy is the most underrated self-care method (including step-by-step guide on how to find one)https://www.notion.so/Navigating-Therapy-5ede74976c184ab794c36e29037f6d0f

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Jenny! Thanks for sharing the guide (the videos are super sweet and also the entire concept of twenty-something's! 🎉)I've been in therapy for years until I intentionally stopped some months ago and I've found that, something that surprised me in the journey is how talking about it with my coworkers helped in sharing therapists as resources. While of course this does not work for everyone, I think a personal recommendation from colleagues goes a long way, it at the very least removes the barrier of 1) looking for a therapist who's still accepting new patients 2) having zero data on what they're like 3) not knowing if your work insurance is accepted.Anyway, love this guide and can't wait for more videos to show up in your Notion!
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Thanks for saying that, Teresa 🥰Yeah, I totally get what you mean about asking coworkers for resources. My friend, Amy (who's also in the video) found her therapist via referral from a trusted coworker. I agree this method doesn't work for everyone, but I'll expand a bit more in the guide for those that it does. Appreciate the feedback!!
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WOW this is such an amazing resource. I’m going to add three more: 1) TherapyForRealLife.com offers therapy throughout California 2) The Therapy For Real Life Podcast offers skills training between sessions (or great self-care tips while you’re still looking for a therapist): https://apple.co/3iqXFew and 3) Here’s a bunch more great therapy/self-care reads to add to you list. This is such a great overview of therapy resources — well done!!!
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Ah so glad to hear it!! Thanks so much for dropping those resources and book recs -- I'll be sure to add it to our guide 🙏