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Hey @taliafayebowlesThe landing page should look creative, and it should showcase your overall work which is not the case for the portfolio which you have created.You can take inspiration from the below links :1. you need any help while creating a portfolio, or if you want to create your portfolio for me, will be happy to help you :)Hit me up at
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Hey Talia! Letting you know I've removed your duplicate post!
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Thank you! I realized my first one had a typo haha
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Hi @taliafayebowles! I'm going to partially disagree with the other poster. I agree that you would benefit from adding some visuals of your work to the homepage, but the content of your case studies is definitely what I would look for from a junior UX candidate - believe it or not, I see so many portfolios that don't bother to frame the problem and I pretty much immediately discard them.There's a couple things that I think it's helpful to keep in mind for UX portfolios:- Hiring managers are busy. They will definitely look at the main page and maaaybe the top case study, and if you get more than that you're lucky.- Because of this, it's helpful to me as a hiring manager to see a nice big hero image at the top of a case study to help me set context about what I'm about to read.- In general go through your case studies and skim as though you're reading this in 30 seconds. Does your eye go to the most important things you want the hiring manager to come away with? If not, maybe play a bit with your hierarchy or content. - One thing I'm missing in your case studies is a sense of how you work with others. I see that some of these were projects on teams - what was the collaboration process like? This is super important to me to see evidence of - less so for a junior candidate but could set you apart. (This goes for how you work with engineers and other team members as well, not just designers.)Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck! :)