See how your lifestyle impacts your insides

Our lives are hard.  I know there are times that I haven’t put myself before my work. I had a wake up call after my doctor found lumps in my breast. I had a bilateral lumpectomy, but am still at high risk of breast cancer. Since then, I learned that lifestyle can impact chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation can be a driver of tumor development, progression and treatment responsiveness ... and can impact a surprising number of other things (like fatigue, IBS symptoms, fertility, IVF success).  It keeps us from functioning optimally. I started making healthy changes (like exercising almost daily) and seeing impact on my inflammation levels (below) but it seems like my “startup founder lifestyle” has me back on an upswing. I'm still figuring out how to balance it all.

@kimberlymcmanus and I are building Be Golden to help you see how your lifestyle is impacting your insides. You measure your baseline inflammation levels and see how they fluctuate with lifestyle choices (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress) so that you can make the right choices for you. Be Golden works by using an at home finger prick based blood testing kit and a digital platform.

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