Do you think we can expand access into Tech for women without "Feminism"

The misogyny in tech is very much real, and something that definitely still needs to be talked about. I believe feminism helps us overcome the barriers we face when trying to make it in the industry. It's how we see the struggles of being a woman in tech.

Also, it just shows how replaceable these low-value men are in these spaces we "don't belong". They built many of the technologies on capitalism, patriarchy, and colonialism.

We need to keep encouraging women in tech and getting into tech to take up space in the spaces they limit us from. Feminism is how we see sexism and androcentrism. I feel like feminism is what helps us be WOMEN in tech.

Definitely agree with what you wrote @ShayBella96! I wish we could see more companies doing more about making an equal environment for women in tech rather than just all the ‘talk’ and little to no actual change. Like how about instead of saying women are less confident to negotiate as a reason for gender pay gap, how about companies actually just pay new grads equally upfront based on expected output of the role regardless! If corporations care about abortion rights for women, why don’t they lobby? How about actual pay transparency from companies? How about equally promoting women and men to higher roles and pay raises?“More than 20% of women over the age of 35 are still in junior positions.”“28% of women leaving tech jobs cite a lack of career growth opportunities as a reason.”“Computer code written by women was accepted 78.6% of the time on GitHub - 4% more than code written by men - when the coder’s gender was kept secret. When contributors are identifiable as male or female, men’s code is accepted at a higher rate.”“In the tech industry, men are offered the same job role as women, but they’re offered higher salaries for the same position 60% of the time.”“1 in 10 women in tech industries report unwanted sexual attention.”“Women leave the tech industry at a 45% higher rate than men.”“The most common reasons why women leave their tech jobs include weak management support (23%), lack of opportunity (20%), and lack of work-life balance (22%)””20.4% of women in tech over the age of 35 remain in junior-level positions compared to just 5.9% of men over the age of 35”
These are some powerful quotes and data points! Wanted to add one more I came across recently: “While it’s assumed that exceptional men will job hop to get a promotion, it’s assumed that exceptional women will stay loyal to their firm because they value their relationships with their coworkers.”
I recently saw this one as well! So frustrating! Companies and those who have the power should do better, it shouldn't just be all on the women alone to fix this.
Thank you so much for your comment! I love the feedback and data you have provided. I learned some new insight about women leaving the tech industry.I wonder if that's why they take a lack of consideration to do anything because they see "if we keep the "standards" and don't take the initiative to do much, they're going to eventually leave anyway." For me, it gives weaponized incompetence in some ways.