Whats one thing you've done recently to step out of your comfort zone?

One thing I've started doing more of is speaking to everyone I come by, sometimes my anxiety can get in the way of that but the other day I exercised outside and so many people were riding a bike, walking their dogs, walking to the pool, or walking to the community gym. Almost everyone I walked by, I simply just said Hello, how are you? and complimented them. Some people said something, some people actually made little conversation, or some said nothing at all but that's okay, I didn't let that mess with my anxiety.

But it felt good acknowledging those around me, even the ones that didn't speak! I see you and you look great!

I love this Nshay! That sounds like really healthy practice and exposure therapy almost :)So -- I've been thinking a lot about taking a dance class. Not just any dance class -- pole dancing.I was always the un-coordinated kid in gym class (which was fine because I was smart and well-liked, but embarrassingly bad at all sports) and I really want to do the scariest dance class I can think of (for me that's probably pole dancing because I would be in tiny shorts and there is so much room for embarrassment when you're trying to be sexy).I'm still scared to do it even though I've been thinking about it for months. I hate the idea of being the big uncoordinated girl even though I preach against that rhetoric in my own life, it's so much harder to own that in my private life!I can laugh at myself and I'm good at laughing at myself, but I'm tired of being a joke on the dance floor and I want to be good -- really good!The reason I'm attached to doing it is precisely what you stated -- IT'S SO FAR OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.Actually, admitting this publicly is far out of my comfort zone too!Thank you for this post! It is super inspiring and I love the drive to do something that scares you! I am going for it. I'll report back :)
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Thank you, but yes, it definitely felt like some good exposure therapy! That's amazing, to go outside of the box kinda and take a pole dancing class! I love that you took the time to acknowledge it being an uncomfortable experience for you and show how you're feeling. Hope you have a great time doing it! I don't even know you, Yvonne, but I am so proud of you sharing and actually going out of your comfort zone to try something you may really enjoy. I can't wait for your update. Report back when you can!
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I'm doing a semi-whiteboarding interview on Wednesday. I've never done one, but I know it's more about thought processes than actual working code.
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That's great Morgan! Wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you'll do great. You got this girly, and hope you have an update to tell us about it!
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Good luck Morgan!!