Alot of people forget about such a diverse talent pool of marginalized communities

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” — Sundar Pichai

Diversity is the cornerstone of any modern company. Without a diverse workplace, there will almost certainly be an echo chamber-induced collapse in even the most substantial companies.

Snapbrillia is the key to unlocking an entirely new pool of potential difference-makers. The future of tech lies in the hands of the overlooked, and Snapbrillia is pioneering a completely new way to navigate the recruiting process.

What side of history will you be on?

Hi Shay! What does diversity mean to you and how do you cultivate it in your everyday life?
For me, diversity means Black, Native, Asian, Indian, Hispanic/Latino, White, Neurodivergent, Physical disability, Gender, Culture, personality, etc... No one is left behind, and everyone is included!I nurture this in my everyday life by being a black woman, speaking up, taking note of other people's experiences, and growing a fair space where they have the opportunity of being a part of a diverse community where they have a fair chance of breaking into tech or other avenues without having to be the product of a hiring system built in the colonizer's language.