Are You A City Girl or Country Girl

I am definitely a country girl, lol!

I'm a country girl at heart!

  • I love having bonfires at the beach
  • Late nights at the lake, watching the night sky and catching fireflies
  • Riding Four-wheelers from morning to sunset
  • Learning new line dances
  • Camping on the beach or "Glamping" for me kinda cause I'm a girly girl and a germaphobe but I know how to get down and dirty if I need to BUT my face should not be one with the tent or sand so an air mattress or something is required lol!
  • Going to the Country Fair
  • Having fun at Festivals
  • Hiking Beautiful mountains and nature trails
  • Etc...

I love spending some time in the city, though! Fun nights out partying and enjoying the city life while also spending time during the day to explore new shops and find some wonderful restaurants!

Hope to hear from all my amazing country girls and city girls!

I'd rather be in a city with a decent mix; Think Melbourne. Let me spend the early morning paddleboarding and the evening in the city.I live in the country and there's a lack of opportunity and infrastructure, but it is nice and quiet, and has lots of nature.Cities are expensive, but I feel you get what you pay for; Infrastructure and diversity.
Nshay -- loooove all the things on that list but maaan I hate driving everywhere. It gets me down so fast!12/10 agree Morgan! What cities have you liked living in? I'm kind of in the mood to move perpetually...I feel like for me it's kind of a time-in-life type situation -- I'd love to be in a city now because I'm young and on my own, but if I was with a family I'd way rather be in the country (especially because all the fun cities are a bit polluted and kids need clean air and water even more than we do). But again -- a city like you said, Morgan -- I wanna go paddleboarding in the morning and be able to get a drink somewhere cool!
Haha, I definitely understand that girly, I hate having to drive everywhere but I also love a good late night drive once in a while, like last night I had a late night drive for like an hour and a half, I drove until like 3 am, no one was on the road really, I just drove amorously, and I barely drive anyway. I agree with her as well, I understand where she's coming from. But they both do have their pros and cons. There are some cities I would love to experience city living for some time, I'll look into that within the next year. It definitely can be a time-in-life situation. I think that's why I'm so set on settling in the country. I just don't think the city will be my place of forever. Right now, wouldn't mind living in the city and then transitioning back to countryside.I love being in the city the majority of the time, but I just am kind of unsure about "permanently".
Totally! I definitely understand the lack of opportunities. That's one thing I had to realize early on: but I think it also depends on what opportunities you are looking for. There's more labor work than anything else in the country, but also, that's why I believe remote work can create more opportunities for them, especially starting out at least. Statistics have shown living in larger cities you have a greater chance of finding suitable job opportunities but also living outside the city, you'll get way more house for your money. I like living near the city but living in it is something I may look to do for a few years!
City girl without a doubt!
That's awesome! What city are you from? If you don't mind me asking!
Hehe of course you can ask! Paris and lived in a number of big cities after (London, Moscow, New York, Dakar, and now in Philly which is not so big but definitely know I will go back to the big city life)
Wait Iynna you lived in Dakar AND MOSCOW?? WHAT? Casual drop!! soooo coool.fave??? least fave? why?
Lol, thank you! That's amazing! I've thought about living abroad in Paris or Greece if I could find work or volunteering with saving sea life/nature for like a year, but I have heard it's not necessarily a good place for black women. But I'd really love to experience living in Moscow, Madrid, & some cities in Germany.
I am 100% country! I work from home with my window facing my barn yard. I get to see my chickens, ducks and guineas scratching around AND best of all my baby goats playing in their pens. I can go out and check on them or de stress by petting my goats when I need to. I am also able to provide food for my self by raising and processing it with out dependence on what is at the store. I hold classes on poultry raising and processing for those in my neighborhood. This allows them to provide eggs and meat for their own families. The money I make from selling my produce goes to help set up families that wouldn't be able to afford to get started, get their own flock going. I promote the use of heritage bred poultry to ensure breed preservation. I am in rural AZ about 30-45 mins from amenities. I have always lived this far out so planning trips into town for supplies and food is natural to me. Amazon and grocery delivery have been wonderful. I have been remote for 10 years now and it is a non negotiable for me.
Yes! I love this, that's amazing! Once I have a yard one day, I would love to start producing the majority of my own stuff and have some space for a little barn in the back. Have you been providing your own produce since the years you've been remote or something you got into later on? Working remotely has definitely been a non-negotiable for me lately. Right now even hybrid I may consider for a little while, remotely will be a major priority, especially as a neurodivergent. I just cant and will not make an office my life.
I was farm-HER-ing since before I could walk LOL. I grew up in a farm family so it has always been something I have been into. I don't garden too much, as its just me. I grow a few things in pots away from the birds who love to destroy my attempts at growing things!
I’ve recently moved from a farm-adjacent place to a big city. I really miss being closer to the land. I wouldn’t call myself a “country girl” - more than I need some open space to feel restored. I’ve been exploring lately, and will continue to get away when I need to.