Elpha 2022 Year In Review

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is coming to a close. It went by so fast, but also as I looked back on this year while writing this post, I realized A LOT has happened.

As December comes to a close we’re at a whopping 100,000 Elpha members 🤩 When we first started building Elpha (called Leap in those days), I never imagined we’d grow to be 100K women strong. It’s incredible to see so many of you connecting and helping each other. So without further ado, here are some of our Elpha highlights from the year:

Top content

These are the most-read community posts of this year:

We had 60 experts join us for Office Hours this year. The most-read Office Hours were:

86 community members wrote featured posts this year for our Spotlights program. These were the most-read:

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Huge thank you to @Josefina for running our Spotlights and Office Hours series, and to all of you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. @Josefina works to include diverse voices from the community and tracks diversity stats for our participants. This year the members who participated in our Spotlights series were 26% Asian, 16% Black or African American, and 9% Hispanic, Latina or of Spanish Origin. And our Office Hours participants were 30% Asian, 22% Black or African American, 15% Hispanic, Latina or of Spanish Origin, and 3.3% Native American.

New this year

A few highlights from the year include:

  • Publishing The State of Pay for Women in 2022, based on thousands of survey submissions and anonymously reported salary data from members of the Elpha community. Thanks to @cassied for writing the report!
  • Launching The Top Companies Database where you can browse thousands of ratings and reviews from fellow members of Elpha. If you’re curious how likely women at a company are to recommend their workplace to other women – check out this database.
  • Hosting our first big in person get together since 2020. Thank you to the Volley team and in particular @gabycaliendo and @adriennehatter for co-hosting our startup panel at their beautiful office in San Francisco, and thank you to Elphas @teresaman and @etalonkristina for making it happen, too. We had an amazing lineup of talented women from the Elpha community speak and it was inspiring to see so many of you join us to connect and learn.

Here's a pic from the Volley x Elpha event!

  • Hosting our first virtual Job Seekers Chat with hundreds of you joining us to talk through resume prep, interviewing, mental health and more. Thanks to @Naomi for the inspiration for this event.
  • Hosting our first cohort of Elpha Accelerate with ~ 75 engineers. The program was our first premium community offering and included mentorship, peer groups and weekly office hours with experts. Thanks to @LisaSiva and @teresaman for putting this program together and to our peer group leads.
  • Elpha members hosting in-person meetups in cities like Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Boston, Paris, Barcelona and more! And a community driven breakfast at TechCrunch disrupt, too. Here are a couple pics from Elpha meetups:

  • Building out our Talent Pool to support 37,575 candidates. As you may already know, we keep the Elpha community free for members by partnering with companies who want to meet Elpha members and hopefully hire you. We’ve always believed this revenue model is a win-win for our customers and our members, since job opportunities are a huge part of professional success. I have strong opinions here since I used to work at Y Combinator and I saw first hand how powerful it – in terms of wealth potential, power and personal growth opportunities – to be an early employee at a startup that is growing and scaling. And I also saw that women often don’t know about these jobs or they lack the insider access it sometimes takes to discover them through referrals. We are hard at work trying to change that. You are a talented, accomplished network of tech workers, so it’s not surprising that we’ve seen that companies want to get to know you better. But I think we also all know that a lot of companies say they want to build diverse teams, but fewer companies actually put the time and resources toward doing it. Having companies pay to play with our partnerships creates a gating mechanism so you can see which companies are actually investing their dollars to build a relationship with you. So for all of these reasons, we’re excited to continue to build out hiring resources for you in 2023!

Thank you for being here and growing with us this year. ❤️

And last but not least, a big thank you to @brianarani, @corydon, @iynna, @Josefina, @maryjantsch, @tanmayisai, @SamiraSAbrams, @HeatherZweig, @Naomi, @LaniAssaf, @stephaniecn and @teresaman for your contributions this year as part of the Elpha team.

Happy holidays! 🎁

WOW what a year it's been, and so much to look forward to in 2023! Being a part of the Elpha community AND team has been an absolute joy. Here's to many more memories! Happy Holidays!
such a diverse and talented group.. Honoured to be a part of it! Happy holidays!
We're so happy to have you here!
What a year it's been. The resources and lots of the featured posts here were very helpful. Thanks Elpha for everything!
We love to have you here! let us know if there are things you want to see more of :)
Thank you for sharing this great recap, and I just have to say how much I love how @Josefina is tracking diversity, thank you for doing that!
Wow! I love this recap and I'm so proud of everything our team and the community have accomplished 😍 I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such an incredibly talented group of women. Go Elpha! Looking forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for us 🤩
I loved being at my first Elpha event (last photo in this post) and loved joining the community this year! Thanks @cadran for this update and starting this inspiring community!
What a year and so many great resources!!