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Hi, I am Jenny and I live in Freiburg. I am German and just joined the elpha community. I work in ed-tech and digital (my strong suit is everything Storytelling) and am going to be a fulltime Freelancer from January onwards. I am passionate about teaching people stuff (online or through entertainment - I actually don’t care as long as I can wrap it in an appealing story) and am at the moment preparing my first seminar at a German university. Exciting times. So I am interested in getting to know other solo freelancers and people in storytelling and Ed tech or the XRealities. Or anyone in Freiburg and the area really. 😊
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Hi there! I'm Sabrina and I live just outside Munich. I'm a geospatial consultant helping organizations and land managers use data from satellites to meet their goals. I'm a sole proprietor as well. I also love teaching (used to work at a university guiding and providing technical advice for student research) so @JenConceptStory I woud love to find some time to chat and learn more about your work!
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Hi, I'm Anami and I live in Berlin with my fiancee @sv . I'm interested in the crypto world and am working at Neufund (a blockchain-enabled financing marketplace) in business development. The job and role is new to me, as I come from finance. I'm also on a very long and slow road to learning Pythong thanks to Steph. :)I'm happy there's an Elpha community in Germany because the country still has a long way to go in terms of gender equality and racism. The wage disparities in Berlin between male and female software devs and other techies are huge - I hope we can improve that by supporting each other. I'm relatively new to the work force (graduated in '17), so any tips and help with regard to the work place are appreciated. I've already received some help from amazing Elphas and I'd like to pay it forward. I'm always happy to help with anything crypto or German-related, since I'm from here :)Much loveAnami
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Hi Anami! Welcome :) I am not sure why i can not delete my "information desk" emoji but in any case, i am happy we have a community in Germany as well!
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Hi all,very happy to have discovered elpha! Wanted to drop some lines to introduce myself.I am Katja, originally from Estonia but have been living in Berlin for a while already. Currently I am participating in Entrepreneur First program where I am trying to find a co-founder and build my own company. I am very interested in how in-siloed information can be shared across different industries/companies for their own benefit (can be fintech, cybersecurity, health tech). I am very keen to build something that will create value.Before I was a research engineer at Zalando doing machine learning for fraud prediction and in my previous life I used to work in the research as a bioinformatician.Will be glad to chat about any topic (and I am still searching for a co-founder ;) ) and also help with whatever I can in Berlin!Katja
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Hey- I have DM'd you!
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DM'd you back :)
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Hi Ladies!I'm Tracy, originally from the US (mostly Texas) but have been living in Munich since 2016.I moved here for a master's program - ended up doing two, and am now putting the final touches on my thesis, working part-time in product management for an AI company, and building my startup. Before I moved here, I worked in the energy industry in operations for a few years :)Really excited to connect with other Elphas in Germany!!
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Hi everyone, I've been living in Berlin since 2011, and now call it my home. I recently became a freelance data science consultant, after several years in start up management. I'm working on some independent projects, along side client work, and looking forward to sharing more of my work openly next year.In addition, I'm an active open source contributor, focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2 of the largest Data Science Open Source Project, R and NumFOCUS. Happy to chat with you in English, or German (but please be patient with me, I'm not fluent yet).
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Hello everyone,I am living in Ahrensburg, just outside of Hamburg, and have been living in Germany for the past two years. I work as a Technical Program Manager for Red Hat and have the privilege of working from home, which makes life with a toddler much easier.It's probably easier to get an idea of my professional interests from LinkedIn. For hobbies, I enjoy cooking, baking, travel, and organizing community events.Excited to meet all of you!Cheers,LHLeslie Hawthornhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/lesliehawthorn/
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Hey everyone! I jumped with excitement when I saw that this community existed! I'm January, originally from Nigeria. I came here for my MBA program and I actually just completed it so I'm currently looking for the next opportunity. I'm a digital marketing specialist with some experience in product management. I am so excited to connect with you all here and I hope we get to have more topics in this community! Oh and if you have any marketing related questions or concerns or just want to chat, feel free to Dm me.
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Hey January! Glad you are here :) Big congrats on completing your MBA, that is awesome. Regarding looking for your next opportunity, where are you living right now? Are you willing to relocate within DE? Knowing those answers might help other Elphas to refer you πŸ‘
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Thank you, Rebecca! I'm currently at Offenburg in southern Germany and yeah I'm willing to relocate within DE. Thank you for the warm welcome.
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Hi Everyone ! I am from India and currently living in Munich. I am a Software Architect. I am a foodie, I love lots of things - art, handmade, vintage stuff, hiking, travelling,home decor ..etc and of course Software and Technology :). I am happy and excited to get to know you all !