Skills in demand?

Hi Everyone! What skill requirements (general & tech-specific) would you say you are looking for in a new hire? this is for all positions in tech. I appreciate your feedback! **this ask is for upskilling & training of persons wanting to be in tech**
Hey Cydney! I think the skill requirements run suuuuch a wide gamut if they're across all positions in tech — to best help answer your question, is there anyway you could scope down the question or re-frame it? Are you looking for soft skills or hard skills?
Hi Teresa! I am looking for both. As a designer what are 6 skills (soft and hard) you would look for in a new hire?
Communication; Organization; and Curiosity - questioning what's existing, genuinely curious about why things are the way they are- - - Product design - creating software in a startup / agency environment, working with product and engineering teams; Typography - fundamental to any design and speaks to how strong they are in visual balance, attention to detail; Prototyping
Thank you!
The ability to learn and communication. These seem fairly simple but it’s a real art to communicate with people from various backgrounds and learning styles