Hi All, I've been involved lately in the creation of "Women's Investment Club", a virtual network with the mission to create a trusted and supportive community of investors to empower women to gain financial wisdom and invest in projects together.In some ways investing has always been 2nd nature to me since I was a teenager, even if I had a dollar sitting the bank, I found ways to put it work, because I know I can turn this dollar into two, five, ten... by simply making a few smart decisions. This philosophy has given me financial freedom at an early age, and allowed me to pursue my passion to start my own startup and say goodbye to the 9 to 5. I want to empower more women to accomplish the same, take more (calculated) risks, and embrace the power of having money work for you!With that, I'm very excited to announce the Club is hosting a talk with the best selling author of "The Simple Path to Wealth" - JL Collins, on Saturday Feb. 20 at 2pm PST. It's FREE for everyone (men and women) who'd like to join. See link to reserve your spot!
I LOVE IT, I LOVE HIM and I LOVE THIS BOOK. Yes I did rsvp :-)
Looking forward to seeing you there!