Culture Win: We're #28 in 100 Most Transparent Tech Companies

Excited for Notus to be featured on The Org's Transparency list!!

We are by far the smallest team on the list (and in good company alongside Twitter, Figma, Stripe, Lyft), but we put outsized efforts into making sure our culture and people frameworks are set up right from Day 1.

If you're looking to come in at the foundational level of building a new vertical called community-led growth with us and be a part of a transparent culture that values ownership, please DM me on Twitter.

We are hiring for:

  • UX Design Lead
  • Full-stack software engs
  • Data scientist

Full job specs here

iynna's profile thumbnail
Big congratulations Yuliya! That's big and a great time to attract great talent :-D
yuliyabelyayeva's profile thumbnail
Thank you! Very rewarding to get recognized for this :)
AnnaGraves's profile thumbnail
This is awesome, Yuliya! Congratulations on being recognized on this list! More big things to come for the Notus team.