Resource: Investors that do not require warm intros

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Feel free to follow me here or on Twitter for updates!
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@yuliyabelyayeva thank you for this effort! This will be invaluable for first time founders like us.
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Glad to hear this! I'm hoping this will bring more transparency and access to funding.
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This is awesome and so helpful! I'm about to start fundraising for my startup (Luv Collective). I will definitely be following along!
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Awesome, thank you and congrats on the start-up! Stay tuned on this.
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Wonderful initiative! This will certainly have a lot of impact for founders!
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Thanks so much! We have some great names on the list already, excited to share it to the founder community.
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Hi founders! An update: there are plans to develop a home for this, outside of Airtable. Curious, what would you want the resource to be called?
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What about prism? It is another website founded by a female here on Elpha .
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@yuliyabelyayeva - Thanks for putting together this list and looking forward to seeing it!!
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Thank you so much Yuliya! This is a great initiative.
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Hi @yuliyabelyayeva, a Facebook group I follow (Women Founders Community) just launched this founder + investor matching initiative: I'd share here!
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Thank you Yuliya -- I appreciate the effort !