Discovery bounty: how are you running your PR campaigns?

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@yuliyabelyayeva would love to chat & help out in any way :)
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Awesome, thank you! Talk in a bit
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I'd love to help! I've been working with startups for over a decade so I'm sure I have some ideas that can help and would love to learn more about AMA's!
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Thank you! If you know of any founders or other comms heads, feel free to share. We love all insights and feedback.
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I'd love to chat!
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Super, excited to connect whenever you have time:
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We're interviewing PR people for Pandia Health, ‪the ONLY #WomenFounded #WomenLed #DoctorLed birth control delivery company‬. I think I'm already on your beta?
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We are exploring a pivot that would be solely focused on bring agency features to founders and automate planning for and running PR campaigns. Would be happy to connect and listen to how your experience has been with PR.