Have you been laid off ... Read on for a free resource to help you to What's Next1

Three weeks into 2023, we are still hearing about layoffs. This can be a tough and stressful time. During this process, you may go through many emotions—anger, sadness, worry, or, for some, even relief.Before starting on What's Next!, it's important to work through all these feelings and take a break. This break gives you time to sort through your feelings and be refreshed for "What's Next."

When you are ready, wants to assist you on this journey by providing you with FREE access to our discovery platform. you or someone you know has been laid off, please let them know about this free platform. It has group coaching, an online course, and a supportive community to help with your resume, interviews, and job search.When you are ready to start the journey to "What's Next,"  come join us!

I look forward to seeing you in the coaching sessions.