A Community for SaaS Tools buyershttps://bit.ly/3LQl0p3

Hey Elphas! I am a community and marketing lead at this YC funded B2B SaaS Startup, CloudEagle. I have scaled communities in the past and this is the first time building a community from scratch.

This SaaS Buyers community helps Engineering managers, Procurement teams, CIOs, CXOs, in making the right software buying decisions with the help of community resources and network.

If you are someone who is involved in the software buying journey of their company, please join. Would love to get your feedback!

here's the link to join the community: https://tally.so/r/n0z0P3

Also, we have special discounts on software purchases in categories like SOC Compliance, Incident Management Sofwtares, HR platfroms, etc for our community members.

Looking forward to learning from you

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Hello! Thanks for sharing and I've deleted your duplicate posts, tagged this one in more communities! (Next time you can write a post and tag different communities at the time of writing 😊 )
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Thanks! I didn't know that, will tag from next timeπŸš€