Gender Equality starts at home - Share your story

Join us for the Salesforce Partners Event on Jan 27th at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST for an engaging discussion on finding work-life harmony by dividing and conquering at home in an equitable way.Moderator, Reena Gupta, CEO of Mom Relaunch, Author of Career InterruptedScott Jorgensen, Former Salesforce VP of AppExchange EnablementEve Rodsky, Author of Fair PlayBrian Anderson, Co-Founder of Fathering Together

You can participate by following below steps:

  1. Go to the event page at
  2. Click join button.
  3. Select share as a post option. You can use the text from the event description or write your own content.
  4. In your post, add a candid picture and talk about how you manage responsibilities at home and about people who are your support pillars. Share both your joys and struggles.
  5. Nominate 3 others in your network to do the same, who in turn can nominate 3 more people to continue the story chain! We plan to showcase the most liked posts during our event so hope your story gets highlighted.

Let's join hands to raise awareness on this much needed discussion.