What book about money/investing etc would you recommend?

I loved Psychology of Money by Housel. I most liked it because it encourages individual approach to money, related to your beliefs, preferences, lifestyle aspirations etc and not giving the "cookie cutter" approach of standardized steps.

What are your favorites (and why)?

I would like to create "finance-related booklist" and keep on coming back to them often :)

Hi there! I can't recommend "We Should All Be Millionaires" by Rachel Rogers enough. I listened to it on audible and then ordered a hard copy so I could re-read it and take notes. It's by far the most candid, relatable discussion of money and gender I've ever encountered in book form and it's helped me (and some of my clients) gain clarity around why more women need to make more money. It's part tactical strategy and part mindset work and she does a lovely job of dovetailing both!
@liztalago thank you so much for sharing, I haven't heard of this book before, and it has really great goodreads reviews. So I grabbed it to my kindle and will be reading it as soon as a bit of my "reading capacity" opens up (which I think will be in late February)
You are so welcome! I'm considering seeing if there's interest in a book club of sorts with fellow elphas that have interest in this book.
Thank you for sharing...I will also check it out.
I loved this, too. There's a whole new narrative around money especially for females and Rachel is part of it.
oh sorry, i totally missed to see, I scrolled through previous questions in this community but missed to check on search :( thank you for reconnecting the topics @iynna <3 and I will be checking all these others that you shared :)
OMG please don't worry at all - that's why I am here!
@liztalago is absolutely spot on. I'm listening to We Should All Be Millionaires on repeat on Audible.
It's so dang good! I feel like Rachel is saying all the things I've been thinking for years.
I really enjoyed “I will teach you to be rich”!
ooooh I have to admit I really dont resonate with that title :D has such a superior position.... I will try to get overmyself and grab it anyway hehe especially as it has very good goodreads reviews, but would also be super helpful to hear what you found valuable about it ;)
@Mirna I also have read this book, and I was also initially turned off by the title! The author talks about what "rich" means to everyone - to some it means travelling, to some it means paying for their children's college, etc. I thought the book was a really easy to understand especially for someone like me with very little money/investing knowledge!
I loved the little book of common sense investing by John Bogle - he was the Founder of Vanguard. Investing doesn’t need to be complicated and this book is a super informative yet quick read!
Great question Mirna! Excited to check out the resources from Liz! I recently finished Elizabeth Yin’s Democratizing Knowledge, which has a few threads on angel investing specifically and the startup ecosystem broadly. I joined Hustle Fund because I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth and the work she’s doing to democratize wealth creation through startups. More info here if you want to download the book for free:
Millionaire Teacher! It’s the first book I read when I wanted to start investing and was a great intro to the basics. It’s a simple, easy read. Totally recommend it to anyone who is just starting out!
I believe strongly your mindset around money is as important as the strategy books. For this reason I love You are a Badass at Making Money and Happy Pocketful of Money. I will also add, I started spending more time with successful female entrepreneurs - not necessarily in tech - though some are - and can't recommend this enough. You want to be in the room with other women making money and wise decisions with it. I can tell you I'm making much different financial decisions with my money now, as of a few years ago, and the effects are already quite impactful. We are taught by 'the system' from an early age to save into 401Ks and 529s. However, there are additional options and vehicles to consider as well that might be more beneficial to you depending on your situation.
Love all these suggestions! Many of these I have read and others I’m excited to check out.Wanted to throw in “Your money or your life” by Vicki Robin. This was one of the first $ books I read and completely made me rethink my outlook on life and the “paid employment”.“The simple path to wealth” by J.L. Collins is a great simple investing book and “Broke Millennial Takes on Investing” was a great read to help me learn the very basics of investing and what all the terms mean in a very non-judge mental/ non-jargonny way
@Mirna Hi there, I'll always recommend the classics. Rich dad poor dad- Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon LechterRichest man in Babylon- George ClasonThink and grow Rich- Napoleon HillI love these classics because they helped me reshape my mindset about the idea of making and growing money beyond a 9-5 income.A more recent one from a Nigerian Writer- The smart money woman- Arese Ugwu. I love this one because it is pro-women and it address most of the 'ruinous' money habits of African women...also the writer made it into series showing on netfix.Enjoy!
Psychology of Money is my favorite too :)Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is also a good to understand, shape the financial wellbeing mindset. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham understanding stock market fluctuations and investment mindset. Used & recommneded by Warren Buffet.
thanks :)
"Your Money or Your Life" was a game changer for me. I appreciated how Vicki Robin went into motivations beyond money.
Great; thanks so much for sharing :) what made it a “game changer” for you?
@Mirna The simple path to wealth by JL Collins
"Get Good with Money" by Tiffany Aliche is a really great read for personal finance lovers at any life stage! She breaks large and confusing concepts down into easily digestible chapters and to-do list items. A must-have for any young adults just starting out, and something I keep referring back to in my adult life as well!