Turning full-time job offer to part-time engagement

After being laid off in early December, I have fortunately landed few offers - already proceed with one company & signed with them.

However, this week, I received another offer from a company, fully remote and wanted to do full-time basis, B2B contract engagement. I was wondering if it's ethical to propose to change it to part-time agreement (freelance). I'd love to hear your experience who's been in this situation before (having a full-time job while actively freelancing). To put it in context, the role is Product Designer. Both jobs will require occassional travel abroad, one is IC and one is more people/org management.


First, congrats!Second, companies are not likely to be ethical to you or care; If you're not giving away trade secrets, anything is on the table to ask if they want to keep you.I can't say I have more advice beyond that, but if they want you, they'll work with you.