Job Hunt

Hi guys,

I have been looking for a stable job in tech for a while now. I am a fullstack web developer. I never knew getting something good in tech could be this frustrating and difficult to come by. I would really appreciate if i could get any remote work or any open source projects to contribute to or even an internship opportunity. I just really want to grow my career and experience. I'll keep striving, I'm not giving up. Something good will definitely come out of this career switch.

Oh yes, between a flood of people and companies' paranoia about hiring anyone (and not knowing what they're hiring for) tech isn't easy to get into, and it's working on being less lucrative. I'm not saying give up, but it's been watered down.
I am sorry to hear this has been happening to you :( it's really hard and it's been for a while now unfort. I sincerely hope 2024 is a great year for so many of us (take a look here and realise you're not the only one in this situation and hopefully it brings you "comfort" that this is not a you thing, not that you had that in mind either)I agree with the comment re: tech has been strapped with hiring so it will be harder to have access to a smaller pool of role (again market imbalance more candidate demand than there is job supply) you could explore being a full stack at a company that's not necessarily software first and in a more traditional industry! there was a convo about it here which I thought could be interesting for you to explore too, @aardra seems to be starting something that could be a space for you to have additional support as you find your next home!
Hey @Nancy6, I wrote this article last year for Elpha fam: this helps!YOU CAN DO IT
Also @jessicaholland has been posting a bunch of good resources which could be relevant for you, incl. and check this out and filter from the newest!
Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement. I will keep exploring more options. It'll only get better from here.