Rundoo is hiring software engineers! Early (<10 people) startup shaking up a $1T industry

My friend's company, Rundoo, is hiring for software engineers! They're a small team of 5 people currently based in the Bay Area (Redwood City). If you're looking for an awesome early-stage opportunity, I would hop on this: the founders are smart & ambitious, it's a great strategic product, strong company culture, and they're already growing like crazy!

Rundoo is building the modern marketplace for building materials. It's a *one trillion* dollar industry that currently still transacts over the phone (!!!) or on dinosaur point-of-sale systems that belong in museums, not shop floors. Rundoo is building modern technology for contractors and suppliers, and they're already making waves: their contractor marketplace has been growing 40% month-over-month, and they're set to go-live with their first supply-side client (a $10M/year paint dealer) this spring.

Definitely DM me for more details, & check out the full job description here: