[Ada's Conf 2019 - 9th Nov London] Creating Ethical and Inclusive Products and Services - Workshophttps://www.adaslist.co/conf

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Hi Patricia, this framework sounds so interesting, I would love to learn more about it! Sad I missed the event/only recently joined Elpha.
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Hi Nanda, It's a pity, the workshop went really well. Thanks for your interest in the ethics and inclusion framework! You can read about the overall concept on my personal website (https://patriciagestoso.com/ethics-and-inclusion-framework/). The tool is completely free, so if you think it will be valuable for you, I'll be happy to brief you in a call. BTW, the framework was also featured in the last mewsletter from the Inclusive Toolkit group from the University of Cambridge (http://www.inclusivedesigntoolkit.com/VBA_bulletin_issue_5/). Best, Patricia