How to learn to understand our emotions and what it can change

I thought I'd share the wheel of emotions, based on Robert Plutchik's concept.

If I could, I would introduce it at schools so that as kids we could learn how to connect with our emotions. Since that didn't happen when I was growing up, and I know there are more of us, I had to learn it going through my therapy years ago. The thing is, we usually can recognize the main, primary emotion that we feel (the center of the circle). But often we don't look deeper, mostly because we don't know there actually can be something deeper. The wheel of emotions will help you find out if and what is hidden out there. It will lead you, layer by layer, to the source of what you need to solve to move on.

As a concept, we can relate it to, e.g. a state of change. In my new upcoming workbook about changes, I incorporated the wheel of emotions into the process of change we are about to implement in our lives. I'm sharing some questions supporting you on your path:

- Think about what emotions the idea of change evokes in you.

- Looking at the wheel of emotions, try to mark with a pen which emotions are consistent with the way you feel.

- Write down your reflections on those emotions.

Remember - emotions are not good or bad. However, they carry a charge that informs us about how we react to what is happening around/in us. Try not to judge emotions, they can be difficult - anger, fatigue, helplessness, lead us to answers that enable us to work through and perhaps change this state.

Love this! Truthfully, I wasn't introduced to this until somewhat recently when I was having trouble identifying what I was really feeling during a therapy session and my therapist told me to look up the wheel -- super enlightening to say the least!
I'm so glad you've come across this tool, it's such a great help for us when we feel lost and unsure what we actually feel about what's going on in our lives. Thank you for sharing @MichelleFuentes ! 🌱
Of course!!
Thank you for sharing here Rita! Another great resource on emotions is Brene Brown's Atlas of the Heart :)
ohhh yess, Brene's materials are amazing 🥰