What to ask your cofounder?

Hi all,

I'm Zofia and I'm new at Elpha :). I wanted to start my adventure here by asking you how to make sure that you associate with the right person and what questions should be asked beforehand?

After a few years at a corporate job in the luxury industry I decided to create my own startup. It will solve the problem of hours of scrolling through fashion websites in order to find THE item.

However, my current challenge is to have a conversation with a person who I recently met and who is very interested in my project and would like to join as a cofounder.

I'd love to hear from more experienced entrepreneurs here. What should we ask each other and what should we settle in order to have the best and the most transparent partnership? Please share your advice, mistakes not to make and thoughts.

Thank you so much!

Hi Zofia! Congrats on your journey. It's exciting that you found a potentially good match. There are a bunch of really good questions (as well as a lot of other helpful resources) here: used them to find a cofounder when I went through a venture builder! It was really useful, since I had known people for weeks, maybe months, and didn't have full context.Lemme know if you use them!Sarah
Hello Sarah,Thank you so much for the link, it’s very helpful :).
Ooh, I'm glad.
Good luck! I am waiting for your product :), I hate shopping online because it takes too much time
Thank you! I know it’s the worst, I’ll keep you updated :)