⭐ Startup founders making tracks! ⭐It's such a great feeling when the founders you work with to support their growth journey follow through on the action from your teachings.They REALLY get it!! 👏Gabe Rivas is such a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to see their journey with SPOT FINDER light up! Anyone that joins him on this journey will have a partner that is intelligent, supportive, communicative, creative, pro-active and gets shi* done!! 😎Quick overview of what Gabe is building:⭐Experience spots before visiting them!⭐Spot Finder is an early stage Software as a Service (SaaS) startup that offers a reservation system with 360-degree videos and augmented reality (AR) to create a virtual experience of spots in the hospitality industry.The goal is to provide businesses with valuable insights and analytics to optimise their operations, while also offering end-users the ability to navigate through these spots virtually and to look at menu items in AR with accurate look and portion size, allowing them to make better decisions when looking to book a spot.Gabe is looking for a co-founder CMO with slick skills in marketing, sales & finance to join him on this journey to share the wins & the burdens together!

⭐  Ideal candidate overview ⭐You understand the digital landscape and can harness the power of technology to drive marketing strategies. You also have familiarity with 360-degree virtual tours, augmented reality (AR), and reservation & table management solutions and have a grasp of how this technological combination can influence and enhance the hospitality industry. You're a strategic thinker who is excited to shape the future of hospitality tech with innovative marketing approaches. We’re looking for a dynamic leader who can wear multiple hats, from marketing to sales and financial planning.If you (or someone you know would be a good fit), are a jack-of-all-trades with a passion for innovation, let's talk over in my inbox! 😎

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As an entrepreneur venturing into the vacation / hospitality industry I love this! We need simple tools that can be easily adopted by property managers / owners.
Thank you & 100% agree @jessecaryan! How far into your entrepreneurial journey are you?
@TheStartupWhisperer Travel Breasy is in POC and working to launch with a pilot partner (luxury vacation rentals). It's a physical service so a little different than an app or SaaS product. I posted about it today also own & operate a few vacation rentals in the hospitality industry.
Nice work securing a pilot partner prior to launching :D Spot Finder is initially focusing on restaurant pilots but will also be a great fit for virtual travel tours also. People being able to virtually visit travel destinations prior to travelling is a major benefit for the travel industry. Possibly a collab/pilot op for your rentals...