5 damaging myths about branding that keep you from becoming a high-potential startup.MYTH #1Branding is only about the logo.TRUTH: It encompasses strategy, target audience, visual identity, messaging, marketing strategies, and more.MYTH #2Branding can be done quickly without strategy.TRUTH: It may be done swiftly, but not without a strategy.MYTH #3Branding is just about aesthetics, it doesn’t impact business growth.TRUTH: Aesthetics play a crucial role in building emotional connections with investors and customers.It’s a secret weapon that drives business growth.MYTH #4Branding is only for established companies, not startups.TRUTH: If established companies are strategically implementing branding,why shouldn’t startups do the same?MYTH #5Branding is a 1-time task.TRUTH: It should adjust to your business growth.Think of branding as a constant mentorship to support business growth.

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