Advice - Pivoting a Career that is Seasoned and Novice at once

Hello dears!

I'm seeking to expand my perspective and possibility. Maybe you might have insight to help me?

I'm a filmmaker transitioning into the architecture field. I also have a decade's of experience in the cultural industries, creating concepts, delievering projects from concept to distribution, writing proposals and engagement projects.

There are SEVERAL transferrable skills and benefits that I bring to the architectural practice. I'm looking for work in Toronto. However, in an interdisciplinary field that claims they want new perspectives, I'm not quite crossing the threshold into a paid position.

I've vetted my portfolio - my work is strong. I've practiced my career narrative to adapt to the firm and job position needs. For 5 applications, reached the final stages of interviews yet picked over to people with at least 3+ more years experience than I do.

I've applied for work in proposal coordination, communications, intern designer, and graduate designer.

I still have tons of motivation and excitement - and I want to be smarter.

What are some tips or ideas that could help me present myself to a potential employer/recruiter and have them say "hell yes" rather than dangle me as an interesting candidate?

I'm not looking for general or readily available advice (I've been researching a ton). I'd really appreciate insights from people who are recruiters, talent acquisition folk, business leaders, and those in the creative-business fields.

As a side note, I also understand that architecture has thin profit margins, and may have a lower risk threshold in taking on an outlier hire. I want to build confidence without coming on too strong or arrogant (*sigh* annoying but is true).

Much appresh'ed in advance!

Hi Bria! It is super nice to meet you and thanks a lot for sharing. I am neither a filmmaker nor an architect but I have transitioned career and I have hired a ton. I have some questions for you - Are you authorised to work in Canada? I fear that sadly if you don't have the paperwork for the country you're looking for, this may put you at a disadvantage so rec here would be to apply where you have authorisation/don't need sponsorship.- As a filmmaker, what are the closest roles you can have at an architecture firm without having a degree in architecture (assuming this matters to firms?) - Do titles matter to you? meaning while I don't think no one should every undersell themselves, I wonder if it would help to apply to a level earlier (depending on the type of firms, eg. the more boutique you may be able to come in at your preferred level say Architect Designer I vs the more corporate that have a set hierarchy and you may need to come in at an entry level) - Are you willing to pick up a side project to get a foot in the door? I know you've said you've already researched a ton but I am curious in your research if you've had success in finding other ways to get a foot in the door that do not mean getting a full time job right off the bat e.g fellowship for instance are you plugged in this, side project, internship (can probs negotiate to call it a different name))- Networking: I am sure you're doing this already but I have to include it because as a career switcher, it really is key!
Thank you for making the time to go through this. This is quite helpful for framing perspective and creating opportunities. Golden advice!
Of course, Bria! :) Let us know how things progress for you!