Do I need to leave B2B SaaS & how?

Hi Elpha community,

I'm looking for some advice, to vent, or perhaps even introductions to a career coach. I work in content marketing for a B2B SaaS company, and I've been there a little shy of two years. I'd classify myself as mid-senior but not really trying to move up at the moment.

Generally I'm waiting for stocks to vest in 2023 before transitioning to another content/SEO role or freelance, but it's getting increasingly difficult to muster enthusiasm in the day-to-day. I went away on vacation hoping that would act as a salve to get through EOY, but I'm not sure how to make it through goal-setting season when the projects aren't energizing.

There are several elements at play here, and I'm not sure if the root cause of my dissatisfication is:

  1. Systemic burnout
  2. Layoffs and "pivots" that have altered the company culture, and leave me feeling vulnerable as my workload has lessened considerably
  3. Constantly changing priorities and budgets where ideas are expressed but impossible to execute
  4. Working in B2B SaaS for enterprise companies feels increasingly icky (a lot of empty marketing about the promise of tech for community and collectivism, which imo misses the mark on a human level)

My boss is supportive (though very peppy and enthusiastic about the promise of the company) and generally likes it when I bring ideas for projects to the table, but to be honest, I've got nothing.

Have I pigeon-holed myself by going into B2B tech? Is this a trend in other industries at large?

Any thoughts/insights/pep talks appreciated!

When you say "working in B2B SaaS for enterprise companies feels increasingly icky," what do you mean? It feels like you might be setting this up as a contrasting statement (e.g., working in B2B SaaS for enterprise companies feels ickier than B2B SaaS for SMBs or B2C SaaS). Is it something like that?When you say "marketing about the promise of tech for community and collectivism," what do you mean by that, and which part of it feels empty or is missing the mark "on a human level"?How recently have you taken a vacation, and how long was it?