New at Elpha 💫

I have just joined Elpha and soooo excited to explore more! What is the first thing that I should know about it? :))

Hi! It's great to have you! Don't be afraid to talk about anything you want! Share your wins, losses, goals, questions, articles, whatever. The community is so supportive and I love learning from others.
Welcome Parıltı! Its so nice to have you here. Kaitlin is absolutely right but to add to that, check this out first and foremost
Sorry for spamming your post here haha! I also wanted to make sure you check out our year in review (as well as the past 5 years) to give you an idea of the growth at elpha and all the other things that have been happening and if there's anything that's piquing your interest!
Welcome Parıltı! Glad to have you hear! 100% agree with Kaitlin, you've already gotten yourself started by making a post! Definitely check out communities too: you can find particular topics/tags that interest you, so that you can contribute to conversations, browse, and ask questions!