what are your favorite coworking spaces?

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WeWork for the water and design 😂😂😂
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I did a free trial day at one in the Mississippi district in Portland just before the pandemic kicked in, they were friendly, had a free barista, and plants everywhere. The free espresso drinks with barista was lots of fun, the plants were a little sad and I wanted to save them. Usually I just went to public and university libraries, though. They were definitely my favorite, because at coffee shops you have to keep buying coffee and that is just too much coffee for me. Plus it's a lot of fun listening to students have their study groups.I'm not using indoor public workspaces right now due to pandemic, not sure whether microcovid.org will ever spit out viable numbers for coworking again once the hospitals stop being so packed.
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oooh i love libraries too, and havent really been working from one for a long time, thanks for the idea :)