Job Site for Moms: please help us train the AI

We're building a job site matching women (both moms and aspiring moms) to flex roles with mom-friendly companies. The site does the job matching based primarily on skills.

We're in beta now — please help us train the AI!

Just go here, click through, and create a candidate profile by uploading your resume. The skills in your resume (and any you manually add) will trigger the AI to connect those skills with specific roles — improving the job matching and career planning functionallities.

(As a bonus, our beta employer partners may email you now or in the future if you're a match for one of their roles. :)



p.s. You can learn more about Laddrr's mission to help working moms thrive here

Hi @CindyPB, I'm excited for this initiative. I'm a mom looking to return to work, but it has been challenging moving to the final stage of interviews. I would love to pick up project work in between to build my skill set.For the link you provided, it took me to the Talent Hub landing page. I clicked on the 'Let's Go' link to answer 3 Tell Me About Yourself Q's. Where do I upload my resume? Did I miss something?
Hi Michelle! (@michellesmanifesto). Thank you so much for your willingness to help!!! As for the resume upload, you just haven't got to that part yet. Click the 3 checkboxes to answer the questions (which aren't personally identifiable), and then when you click Get Started, it'll bring you to the Talent Hub itself where you'll create your profile. I totally appreciate the spot you're in, as I've been there too! The Laddrr website ( has some resources and videos that may help. Also please feel free to message me if you want to chat about what you're experiencing!
Hi @CindyPB. I've created a profile and uploaded my info. It was a smooth experience for me to get everything in the system. The job matching didn't give me many matches. Please let me know how else I can help. I'm a front-end developer that loves opportunities like these for beta testing.
Thank you @HCHJackson! I may very well message you at some point to test other things! The roles in the Talent Hub do change all the time, and we'll be scaling the number of employers in there as we exit beta. Appreciative! <3