Tricky situations: Workplace Challenges That Make Even The Most Seasoned HR Professional Sweat

Like it or not, tricky workplace situations come up. And when they do, it can be challenging to determine how best to navigate the situation.

  • Maybe you have an employee who’s falling short on quota only to learn that they’re struggling with a difficult personal matter.
  • Maybe you have an employee who isn’t quite in breach of your company’s anti-bullying policy, but is doing a fine job of making people across the team miserable and demoralized.
  • Or maybe you have a manager who feeds into gossip behavior and breeds division across teams and leadership.

Join us on Tuesday, February 14th (2pm - 3pm ET / 11am - 12pm PT) as Ethena’s VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, will lead an open forum discussion on how to work through some of HR’s trickiest workplace challenges and how to effectively navigate them.

We'll take questions throughout the session, so come prepared with any challenges you'd like to work through live, or submit them in advance when you register to keep them anonymous.