Employee Resource Group - Proposal

Hi! A few colleagues and I are looking to start an ERG. Does anyone have an ERG proposal template that you could share? This would be presented to our C-level team at a small start-up.

This is very exciting! What is the ERG (I'm curious)?@gabbysalmeron runs/ran an ERG at her company, as well as @KelseyLadyBirdTalent who did that maybe they have some ideas?
Our initial plan is to start with a Women + Allies resource group. We're a small startup, and I know there is a need in other areas. We've had some pushback from leadership - "other priorities," a general concern about grouping people.. There is a wealth of information about the importance of these groups and their positive impact on business - I think we need to find a format to present this information in a digestible way. Once we have a format/process for submitting an ERG request, more will blossom!
@gabbysalmeron and @KelseyLadyBirdTalent - I'd love any tips and tricks you have!
Following this! I'm developing curriculum for Black tech employees and the proposal could help me with my pitches to ERGs be hired to speak and teach.
If I find anything helpful, I'll pass it along!
Hello. How I pitched it to HR in 2016 was as a 6-month pilot, a combination of monthly meetings and an online community. I said, at the end of the 6 months I'd run a survey to determine how the initiative would have impacted the members and if they felt it should continue or not.So they let me go with it.After the 6-month period, I run a survey and presented it to the exec team.Nowadays, there is much more evidence of the benefits of ERGs. Still, pitching it as a "pilot" could help you to get approval if you think you may face pushback.Best of luck!
Thank you! A "pilot" sounds like a good introduction to the idea! Do you have an outline or any tools you'd recommend to pitch the pilot idea? Did you submit a business doc with your mission and plan? Great idea!
We're talking about 2016... so I don't have anymore the documents. Basically, I created a slide deck with the business case and the plan. No word document. In my case, I had the experience of being part of a Lean In Circle since 2015 so I added the benefits I experienced to my pitch as a background.For the business case, you may want to use data about attrition for women and underrepresented groups in tech and the role ERGs can play in raising issues and also creating community.
Totally get it! Okay, good point on the data. I've been compiling a bunch of information. I'm used to coming into an org that already accepts ERGs, so educating at this level is new!I appreciate your thoughts! Thank you!
Hi Kourtney and @jenebawint,I started an inclusion-focused "Diversity Council" (we were burnt out from ERGs and didnt have resources for multiple) in 2020 at a ~500 person (conservative, male dominated) manufacturing site! Here's the proposal we put together: love talking about D&I and especially about educating and making waves in unique/conservative environments, so DM me if you ever want to chat or strategize! I have a lot of material I put together with my co-founder :)
This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm going to make time this week to read over it.