Ethena Weekly Livestream: How to tackle People stuff

#HR Leaders... This week we are starting a weekly livestream series on all things People stuff,  hosted by Ethena's very own CEO and co-founder, Roxanne Petraeus.Every week, we’ll be tackling the biggest challenges in the world of HR right now. What's in it for you?🔭 Discover innovative solutions and game-changing insights that will empower you to conquer any culture or People problem🤩 Special appearances from our VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, will provide an extra boost of inspiration📚 Explore our DEIB-driven approach to building culture and unleash the power of data and analytics to spot and tackle potential issues🎧 Learn from other Ethena leaders across topics that overlap with HR (like #Legal and #Security), looking at you Brandis Anderson, Anne Solmssen, and Matthew Dean📝 Hear from Ethena customers about how they're tackling real-life People problemsSign up to get a weekly invite or select an upcoming date/topic you’d like to tune into: at 4pm ET | 1pm PT - See you there!

@AmandaPorter Hi Amanda - I'd love to attend but your website form only accepts business email addresses. I have Gmail address and I am not able to sign up.
Hi @danapuskarich! Thank you for reaching out. Please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the link(s) to register with a Gmail for the weekly sessions you'd like to attend! Looking forward to having you join us :)