Ethena's in-person workshop: HR for HR - It's about dang time

Join us in New York on Tuesday, November 14th for Ethena's first ever in-person workshop: HR for HR: It's about dang time!

Count me in!

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Too many People workshops only cover strategies on helping others: their companies, their leaders, their employees. But what about strategies for helping the actual People team?

From work satisfaction to pursuing your career more intentionally and getting your CEO to actually listen, we'll cover all the stuff you wish you had your own HRBP to help you through.

In this half-day event, we'll combine a series of interactive workshops and panel discussions geared towards empowering you to help, well... you.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, November 14th

11 am - 6 pm ET

Venue Details:

House of WOW144 West St., New York, NY

Amazing! This is going to be such a relevant event for so many Elphas incl. @Roza4Consult @sarahing @jenniferbrown @sierraschue @erinmchaney @doloresacosta @amandaamariaa @Faria @rachaeltorony @annebaker @MarleneCarter14 @Shanmugapriya @komalsalvi @abbieeden @juliejacobsonruby I know not all of you are in NYC but to the extent you are there that date, check it out and if not, you can always stay up to date with the events Ethena is putting together!
This sounds amazing!! Thank you for sharing it with me!