Can I really say that…?

Join us Tuesday, October 31st (1pm ET | 10am PT) for a fun and spicy chat between Ethena's VP of People, Melanie Naranjo and Workweek’s Chief People Officer, Hebba Youssef as they talk about why you should say exactly what you mean and how to do it while keeping it professional.

Because, whether you’re dealing with a stakeholder who isn’t hearing the severity of the situation or finding yourself giving the same feedback for the umpteenth time, People professionals can often find themselves thinking, “I wish I could just say X!”

Well, we’re here to say you can!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively communicate your concerns, even when it feels challenging
  • The art of addressing sensitive issues both professionally and assertively
  • Ways to create a culture of open dialogue and authenticity within your organization
  • How to provide feedback that drives change and avoids repetitive conversations

You should attend if you’re:

  • Sitting on feedback because you’re worried about how it will be received
  • Finding yourself repeatedly delivering the same feedback with little to no change
  • Struggling to speak your mind and make yourself heard

Save your seat!

this seems like a great event for members here! @iynna, how can we get this more exposure? so many of the inquiries for support are right up this alley.