How many hours a week do you work?

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70 hrs a week, senior director. Comes with the level
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Systems engineer in aerospace in the US. On my third company doing this in different states, still 40 hour work week with the rare exception for deliverables.
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Anywhere between 40-50 hours/wk M-F (I am pretty strict about not working on weekends). I head up People Ops for a 60 person tech company. I know I could be making more $ elsewhere but really value my time outside of work.
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40-45 hours, if I do more than 50 for more than a couple weeks it's not good for my mental health. I head up the People & Culture department for a small startup.
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40-50hours. But 50 is my absolute Max because I am simply not as productive each day I work more than 8 hours. I am a software engineer ll, so basically just starting out.
Senior software developer. 35-40 hours. I donโ€™t believe in working more hours that what Iโ€™m being paid for. Been there...done that.
45 as senior product manager at a tech company. Refuse to work more but there sure is the pressure to do so ๐Ÿ™‚
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About 50-60, working for a startup. I can do more hours, but only for a few weeks at a time. Otherwise Iโ€™m fried.
Average is 60hrs. Senior manager on a trajectory to director at FAANG company.
Senior-level individual contributor (non-manager) at a mid-size tech company and about 45 on average. Definitely depends on big project deadlines but I try to be easier on myself on the weeks where work is lighter to balance the heavy weeks.
Senior director at a 30 person startup. 60-70 hours a week.
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Iโ€™m mid to senior level and try not to go over 45 hours a week for my mental health. Some sprints are busier than others so I try to enjoy the free time when I have it.
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I generally work 40 hours per week. I work for a large US-based tech company, but we have a bit of a reputation for having a better work/life balance than most big names in the industry. We also have a reputation for having lower salaries (still more than I was making at a non-tech company). I value my free time and I'm living pretty comfortably, so this is worth the tradeoff.
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30 because I'm sad and burnt out... It's usually 70 - 90 hours.
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996 schedule : 9 am to 9pm 6 days a week ~70 hours
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Mid level manager, engineering, average 70 hours.