Learn new tools and tips for wellbeing at Happiness Academy Podcast 🥁 - Podcast on all topics related to wellbeing and positive psychology

Are you looking for new ideas, tools and tips to strengthen your wellbeing, mindfulness, resilience, or positive emotions?

For yourself - or to support people around you?

At Happiness Academy, I freshly launched a podcast 🥁 - coming up every 2 weeks, in 20min format - focused on wellbeing and positive psychology.

Super excited to share many evidence-based, practical tools that you can put in practice straight away 🤩

First episodes will be focused on tips for mindfulness and savouring, then moving more into topics of flow & engagement in the summer, and wellbeing at work and resilience in the autumn.

I would also love to hear from you what other related topics and questions would you like to listen and learn about?

Here are the links where you can find the first episode - and follow the channel: