3 disturbing facts about how COVID has worsened food waste and exposed the flaws of our profit-driven food systems

Hi all! I professionally write bite-sized action plans so busy people can fight climate change and lessen their eco-anxiety. This month, I wanted to explore one of my own curiosities: food waste during COVID. I learned a lot about how the existing food waste problem (which accounts for ~8% of CO2 emissions) has worsened in this pandemic, and how we overproduce TONS of food each year simply because "the market demands it" (aka corporate executives of a handful of powerful companies demand it) It's definitely a lot to take in, but two weeks from now I'm also sharing some actions we can take to end factory farming, reduce our own waste, and create animal and farmer advocacy. Curious to know how COVID has changed your relationship with food!Some key, disturbing facts: 1. Supply chains have been disrupted by workers getting sick. Processing plants closed and the animals... were just slaughtered and discarded by the thousands. Thousands.2. Farmers couldn't afford to harvest and process products that they couldn't sell. So they had to plow over edible crops and throw out literal lakes of milk — up to 3.7 million gallons a day3. Excess food couldn't be distributed to shelters safely, restaurant demand went way down, and more. The graphic below explains who's involved