Balancing Motherhood + Owning a Business

This subject is very real and moms all over the world struggle with it. I started my first business when I was 28, pregnant, and working full time. Then I was thrust into first-time parenthood (which is intense all by itself) while learning to balance working and building a company.  I was hustling and never slept... when my daughter was 6 months I decided to start my own freelance company and build my dreamy retail clothing business at the same time.

I still hustled but now it was at my own pace and not someone else's. Here are three valuable ways I managed running two companies and being a present mama. Was I perfect absolutely not, but did I get to enjoy their littleness (and still do) - absolutely!


1. Prioritize your family by making a schedule. Nearly every morning from 6-10 am was "our" time. We had breakfast, did something fun like a park, or simply played at home.

2. Utilize the "in-between" times for focused work. Naptimes, toddler meals (that take forever), and many times nighttime.

3. It’s ok to grow at a slower pace. Gulp… this one is literally the polar opposite of what most of the world will tell you. But, I became an entrepreneur so I could be more present with my family. Sometimes that meant slowing down and being ok with slower but more consistent growth. I didn’t take every client, and we didn’t go to all the tradeshows… and that’s ok. We worked to make a great living with the times we determined. At the end of my life, I can honestly say I won’t regret spending more time with my kids. I can always make more money, I can’t get those years back.

I hope this encourages you today. If you are interested in becoming a small business owner and need a little coaching, I’d love to help.

Thank you for sharing! Not a mom but I think this can resonate with many Elphas who are. What a beautiful candid shot, are these your children? :-) So adorable!
@iyanna Thanks so much, I hope so. They are my little cuties.