Looking for help with a fundraising deck - story and design

Hi - I am working on a fundraising deck and would like to hire someone to help me with a deck - need help with both storytelling and graphic design. We are focused on curing loneliness for people over 50!
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Sharing this thread from a little while ago on others' recommendations on pitch deck designers: https://elpha.com/posts/jer4mhxk/pitch-deck-designer-recommendations (seems like many used Canva!)
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thank you!
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Hi Joanna, I'd be happy to help. You can book a call with me here https://calendly.com/dianeprincemalibu/growth
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I am happy to help you also!
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Hey Joanna you can use this tool as well: http://decktopus.com/If you are excited about the product just let me know. I work there so I can give you a code.